Dear Young Mommy and Daddy, Want Your Child Smart and Lovingly? Hug Them Everyday!

As a parent, of course, the activity of hugging and kissing children at all times is a fun thing and you will do with joy. If many still think that hugging and kissing children is just a spontaneous activity expressing affection, maybe you will be amazed because despite the toughness of the trivial, the benefits are so many, you know!

Hugs and kisses in children may increase the number of hormone production of oxytocin and endorphins that provide great benefits to children’s physical and mental growth and development. Well, this time Mojezeh will present the benefits of what children will get and often kissed and kissed their parents. Check it out!

1. Hugging and kissing a child will help the child’s body release more oxytocin and endorphine hormones, it is important to relax the tense nerve and lower the blood pressure

As the child’s body produces more oxytocin and endorphine hormones, its nerves will relax and blood pressure will decline to a stable level. This can help the child become more calm and comfortable.

2. The oxytocin hormone released when the child is hugged and kissed helps the child grow better because the hormone can trigger growth stimulation

Oxytocin hormones can help children grow and develop better. That’s why premature children are usually advised to be more embraced by kangaroo techniques. In addition to stabilizing body temperature and improving immunity, yes because scientific studies have proven that when the oxytocin hormone is released, growth hormones such as insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-1) and nerve growth factor (NGF)

3. Hugging and kissing children also help improve the body’s immune system so that the child grows healthier and rarely ill

Oxytocin hormones also play a role in strengthening the body’s immune system so that the child can grow healthier and stronger. This hormone also helps lower plasma levels of thyroid hormones that can help heal the wound faster. Extraordinary!

4. Not just an affectionate, embraced and kissing expression helps your child’s brain develop smarter!

Want the brain to grow more intelligent and have a high IQ? Frequently hugging and kissing the child because the oxytocin hormone released when the child is hugged and kissed can trigger the development of cells and the cell’s connection to the brain. The more connected cell connections, the more intelligent the brain of the child. Children need a variety of sensory stimulation in order to grow better and physical contact such as hugs and kisses are one of the most important stimuli that children need.

5. Hugging and kissing children help overcome tantrum problems and lower stress levels in children

If you think embracing a child who is raging and tantrums will give you the impression of supporting her attitude, then you should know that it is wrong! Hugging and calming the child with a loving response will calm the child. A loving hug will trigger the release of oxytocin hormones that lower the levels of stress hormones and anxiety. This is a kind of brakes for the emotion of a child who is exploding. First take care of the child, just then teach that rampage will not solve the problem.

6. Overflowing love with more expressive through hugs and kisses make children grow more optimistic and confident

Overwhelming children with hugs and kisses of affection have been clinically proven to help children grow into more optimistic and self-confident personalities. This will certainly be of benefit to future children. Optimistic and believing children tend to have social interaction and academic achievement better than the ones who are minder and always pessimistic, right?

7. Want the child to have a calmer, loving and caring person as he grows up? Hold on often, embrace and kiss the child

Want to create a generation of loving, sensitive to social issues and more calm? Hail your child with a sincere expression of love! Hugging and kissing a child will create a sense of security and comfort for the child, making him also express something similar to the people around him. The child will also learn how to care and to share love with one another, a clear attitude that it is necessary for future generations to succeed!

Common, father and mother start hugging and kissing children more often when the child wakes up and when he or she will sleep at night so that the child can grow and develop more optimally and happily! A healthy and happy child certainly has a greater chance of becoming a successful child in the future. Agree?

The Implied Purposes Of Prizes From Couples

WATCH – Signs remember every single day and time.
RING – A lasting bond of love.
BRACELET – Tanda mesra.
NECKLACE – The bond of love that needs attention.
FRIENDLY – Always caring / concerned.
GARMENT / FABRICS – May the love last and last always.
UMBRELLA – Sign of love and always want to protect.
FRAGRANCE – Sign of love.
BROUGHT THE PICTURES – Always miss and do not want to be apart.
BOOKS – Be open and tolerant.
FLOWER – Introducing sign and love sign.
CHOCOLATE – sweet of your love.
SONG / CD / CARD SPEAK – Capture love and memories
HANDPHONE – It’s a sign that you do not run away from me !!!! I’ll look for you anywhere (unless it’s closed).
But the most rewarding price for each couple is ….

PURPOSE – Remember him serious and really seriously love you!

Is It Really A Man Can Only Love a Woman Only in His Life?

In the life dictionary of every human being, various versions of love have been passed. There is love first, childhood love, school love or ‘love monkey’, love of a friend, love of the location, and a thousand one more love term that has ever been experienced or at least heard. Among the love stories, there must be a series of love that left the former deeper than other love …

Here’s what Abang Teruna wants to cling to this post. A very difficult and alien love theory to describe but really happens among us.

Why am I more geared towards male lovers here?

Let’s put it into a break-up situation. A man after the end of his relationship with a girl will pass through the cooling period of the period in which the man will experience a change of attitude, depression, gregarious and tempered behavior. And this phase will go on for a long time, especially if the separation is due to its own mistreatment or not by its willingness.

Unlike women, when clashes, the woman will mourn and grieve for just a few weeks. After dry tears, he will return like his original (or more stout) and is likely to find a replacement as a healer of old wounds.

Like to be reminded here, I’m not fond of or generalize women with the theory of ‘love drugs is love’, while men do not. Not that I mean.

The man in his post-love even had a new boyfriend in lieu of love, the man was still reminiscent of the sweet love of the past and still kept the space for his long-love in a corner of his heart. In contrast to women, they are more likely to compare the advantages of their new lover with old lover, and will always be biased by ‘winning’ new lover. It means a chance to win his old hero is a bit thinner

True, in today’s teenage trends, it is impossible for men to have some ‘skandals’, but it is impossible for the man to love them all with the same capacity. Later the man would have to surrender to one of the most special among the women. Sorry if you are one of the women who had been strangled by the man as I mentioned earlier, I’m afraid you are not the one for him.

In addition, there are some arguments that support the theory of men loving a lifelong woman. According to human behavior expert studies, states that men are more likely than women to place a high sentimental value on something they possess. The intention to sell the first car, wearing jeans and shabby shoes that have not been replenished, rotten pillows, valued antiques and old collections, are among the evidence that men can be categorized as loyal creatures basically. It’s just time and free environment and today’s modernization that sees the nature of this man.

In conclusion, it is lucky that any woman whose name has been carved into the heart of a man like this. No reply is required, it is quite a memory of what the man has to sacrifice to admire the uncertain love. Sometimes love is cruel. Although how big and sincere it is to love that one queen, loving does not necessarily have …

50 Facts About Men Who Need Women to Know!

1. Actually men are not looking for a beautiful woman, who is looking for a cool woman who sees her and fascinates. Therefore, he always asks you to dress up. Not because he’s a basket, but they want you to look fascinate.

2. Men hate the betrayal. Although they are selfish, loud, and strong, but they are weak creatures.

3. At this moment he likes you, moments later, he forgets and is even fun with his friends. It is reasonable, but it does not mean you have never been in her heart.

4. If he says “Yes, I did not understand you,” that means that he or she thinks you and you are different. It does not mean they can not be united, but try each other to understand each other.

5. In a day, he will be busy playing and undergoing his activities with his friends. But believe me, when he’s ready to sleep, you’re always in his mind. And believe me, they like their own smiles as you imagine how beautiful you are today.

6. “What are you doing?” Or “Do not eat yet?” Is the most often spoken sentence of a man when on the phone. They are not a clever creature, but they really want to know all the things about you.

7. If a man really loves you, he will accept you as it is. No matter you are fat, black or acne. They may advise you on a diet when you feel fat, but they sincerely love you.

8. Men are very crazy when looking at your smile. So do not keep the sour face in your face, smile and make him more fascinated.

9. Men will do everything to draw your attention. Including telling the story of his former lover, though sometimes it does not have to be told to you.

10. Men do not like if you talk about your ex-girlfriend. Although sometimes he loves the story of his ex-girlfriend, but he is very jealous if he hears the story of your ex-girlfriend.

11. If a man wants to meet your parents, do not hesitate and be ashamed. He’s serious with you !.

12. Men want to always share things with you, but sometimes they can not express all things well. For that, do not force himself to tell me if he is not ready to tell you.

13. Occasionally, men also cry. All infants, men and women cry, and adult men also have sad feelings, when they are upset and sad, they can even cry like you. Give hugs and support to her, as you have for her.

14. Do not try to make angry men, because they are angry creatures of God.

15. Men are simple creatures, they are not the typical ones who are always hopeful and hopeful.

16. Men will try to get the hearts of the women who decide them, before they end up trying to forget them. This is what makes them fail to call you after parting, and then finally give up as you give a negative response.

17. When you make a man fall in love, forever he will never forget it. For that reason, men are weaker and harder to forget than women.

18. Never say to him, “Mmhh …… is a joke” because this will make him wonder and even suspect you. Like women, they are also sensitive and curious creatures.

19. The man can never sleep, if you slowly rub his back. And caressing his head softly. Believe me, if you do this to your sweetheart, then it will continue to miss you.

20. Men always have a way to praise you (read: appeal to you).

21. If men are in doubt and seem to think when you express their opinions or ask them to do something, they do not want to do it. Most men will lie and do what they do not want to do for the woman she loves. But believe me, they are suffering and feeling very confronted.

22. If you say no, that’s in the mind of a man is “I’ll try again”. Do you still remember when he asked you to be his beloved first?

23. You can never make a man understand in a single chat. They are intelligent beings, but it is hard for them to understand you. That’s how men call women as hard-to-understand beings.

24. Men hate gay! It does not mean discrimination or evil, but sometimes they do not even think, why one can like one another.

25. Men love their mother very much.

26. Men will save some money just to buy a small gift for you later.

27. Men often think about women who might like them, but they do not mean they like that woman.

28. You can never understand the man, unless you prepare the time to hear their complaining and not just tell you about yourself.

29. If a man really says you are the only one he loves, believe me, his words are sincere from the heart.

30. Not just gossip women, men also gossip together with their friends.

31. Woman, is the weakness of every man. They will not be able to see the tears falling off your eyes. They also do not like to see you grieve.

32. Unlike women, men are more honest and open about themselves. They are more accepting deficiencies and accepting what they are.

33. It can make men curious about you, but if they hang too long, they can be bored and bored.

34. Believe it or not, man is a fair and good jury.

35. Sometimes they appear cheek, but basically men like cleanliness, scent, and beauty.

36. Men prefer to women who value themselves as they are.

37. Men love a woman who can be a friend, as well as a lover for her.

38. If there is a man who talks about the problem, you just listen to it. Do not give advice or blame yourself.

39. If a man likes you, look further into his eyes. The eyes are the windows of the heart, and he never deceives.

40. Men always have a way to avoid you from other men. One of them refused to take a walk to the shopping mall.

41. Men prefer smart women, compared to women who only know about makeup and mini skirts.

42. Men are always smart people, they are ashamed to ask women what they want. As a result, most of their guesses often miss.

43. When men want something, they will imagine it. But they do not want to be involved too much. They are more likely to indulge in their desires if they know that desire is difficult to realize.

44. Men are crippled creatures in secret. They can hardly keep a secret.

45. Sometimes, men are too much negative thinking than positive.

46. ​​Men’s fantasy about women is the only fantasy that can not be limited. Even though they already have a couple and a family.

47. Body height may not be an issue that is too important for men, but they care enough about the weight of women in particular, including you.

48. If men are serious about their relationship, then they will become super-active creatures. This is why he always tries to pick up and send you, and always checks the inbox message in your phone.

49. If you know how to conquer your man, they will never be far from you.

50. For men, forgetting someone takes longer than a lifetime.

20 Primary Error Educating Children

Children are the greatest gifts and gifts ever in a household. With the presence of the children, the household will be cheerful and happy. All parents dream of their children who are courteous, honest, believing and kind.

Actually, the children are all born so sacred, it’s like a white cloth from any impurities. His mother plays a role in shaping and shaping it to be a successful human being in the afterlife or not.

Therefore, let us be together as a mother in mind of the 20 Main Mistakes in Educating Children that we may often do without knowing that our children grow up and become excellent, healthy and well-being.

# 1 There is a communication gap between parents and children.

# 2 Not fulfilling the promise made to children.

# 3 Often complains to the children.

# 4 Does not emphasize religious education for children.

# 5 Not firmly on children.

# 6 Do not spend time together to chat / interact with children.

# 7 Always show a negative attitude towards children.

# 8 Not interested in the questions / concerns that play in the minds of children.

# 9 Knocking out and throwing abusive words when criticizing the mistakes of children.

# 10 Not trying to diversify dishes for children’s meals.

# 11 Loves to be humiliated, bluffing, angry so it raises fears to children.

# 12 Lack of love for children.

# 13 Communication with children does not use correct language and medium.

# 14 Does not support and show interest in children’s activities.

# 15 Likes to children if they make mistakes.

# 16 Parents do not guide children towards goodness and those who obey the Shari’a.

# 17 Do not appreciate the work and success of children.

# 18 Not paying attention to the thoughts and ideas of children.

# 19 Never spend time with kids because they are busy with their career.

# 20 Love to argue in front of children.

Many parents overlook the things mentioned above and some consider it a trivial matter. Believe that the children will follow every parent they do because parents are an example of their parents.

How to Become a Preferred Male Masculine

How to become a masculine man is actually not as difficult as you imagine and to be a masculine man favored by a woman should not have a large muscle or sixpac body. Despite having a hard body often makes men feel confident but this does not mean you’re a masculine man in the eyes of women because, for most women that men who are too muscular are less attractive.

Well the question is, how’s the way to become masculine men loved by women? well than you are curious and wonder in the heart then please read more below.

1. Believe in Self and Honest
The first thing you have to have in order to be a masculine man in the eyes of a woman is to have a sense of self-confidence and honesty. This self-esteem and honesty is very important and should be owned by men because this is what will be a plus for you. Women will be crazy and think you are a real man if you have that.

2. Have a Feeling Humor
Women tend to prefer humorous men than muscular men. According to them the man who has a good sense of humor is an ideal man figure because it can make their days always cheerful. But note that, however, you should also know the limits

3. Stupid
Which woman does not want to be close to the fragrant man? Well, then, if you want to look masculine in the eyes of women then do not be lazy to clean the body, let alone lazy bath. Use perfumes or deodorants before leaving the house to make your body fresh and fresher throughout the day

4. Sports
There is no need to go to fitness places to exercise, especially to increase the muscles of the hands or to form the stomach into sixpack for the sake of masculine look. Just exercise at home at least 1 hour a day so that the body remains prime and not drowning. Women should love to see men and women who are always very good and fresh although their muscles are not too big.

5. Appearance
Then hereafter is notice the appearance. Try to always look tidy and unobtrusive when going home. A neat and clean man is certainly more attractive to a woman

6. Polite and Respect
Then next to being a masculine man favored by a woman then you should also have respect and respect for everyone, especially in women. This will make your masculinity increasingly in the eyes of the woman and make them spotted and crazy to you.

7. Have a Purpose of Life
Masculine men in the eyes of women are not those who are slang and go to parties every night but for women, masculine men are men who have a purpose of life. This type of gentleman would certainly make women consider you as an ideal and more mature couple.

8. Good Listener
Furthermore, if you want to be regarded as masculine men by women then eliminate the selfish nature and start being a good listener. By being a good listener will certainly make the women feel comfortable talking or venturing to you.

9. Got a Hobby
Do you have a hobby? not just about sports but also other hobbies. A man who has a positive hoby and engages him in earnest is often more attractive to women. Well, then if you want to look masuli in the eyes of women then try to pursue a hobby that you really like.

22 Signs of Cheating Spouse

1. Change of behavior / interest
She is not always friendly and spoiled with you as before. Inside the phone, she even kept silent. During dating, she is less sensitive to what you are talking about and always checking her cell phone. Or he shows interest in something that does not fit his or her own hobbies, for example suddenly he likes to watch the ball, or the interest in rock metal music. There may be other people who influence him.

2. Give reasons
When you call it, he tries to shorten the shortest possible conversation; The mother called in the kitchen or father to help wash the car. If you’re invited out, it’s fun to quibble with busy reasons or multiple assignments to fix.

3. Avoiding eye sight
When you are with you, he likes to lower his face from looking at your eyes. This is because they want to avoid shattering because people say ‘The eyes are the mirror of the soul’

 4. Always with his cellphone
Hatta if with you even if he still SMS non-stop. When you want to check out his phone, he does not. Privacy he said. Hah, there must be a shrimp hidden behind a rock!

5. Anxiety is uncertain
She was busy looking at the watch as if something more important. Too often you get bothered by the unusual behavior like worms. Or even if the phone rang, he immediately ran the child to the toilet to answer it. Not quite clear?

6. Decline
You take him out at the weekend but he does not want to. Take a movie for the reason why the movie is not the best. If he wants to eat, he still refuses. This is because he does not want to be indebted to you – that will soon be abandoned.

7. Raising a small problem
She often complains of a trivial problem like wearing a shirt that is not her favorite color or other ordinary things that sometimes makes no sense.

8. Less pronouncing love words
If ever, every message you inserted with words of love and poetry misses, now no more. Words and questions from you are also welcome indifferently

9. Misleading calls another nickname
All this time, you and your lover are talking about ‘papa-mama’. But this time she often called you to call ‘baby’ or ‘baby’. Perhaps he is accustomed to calling someone by that name until your special nickname can be exchanged.

10. Do not appreciate your gift
Your gift of warmth of love that once became the most valuable treasure is now only given to her sister and friend or to be thrown away. You also notice that the couple rings are rarely embedded on the ring finger.

11. Responding to call / SMS indifferent
Your phone conversation with her becomes a tedious communication because she likes to keep silent and rarely sucks. Your short message messages are just a word or just ‘K’.

12. Answer a call in a whisper
How many times did you call him but only this time he answered the call. Unfortunately the voice of her a little anxious and whispered and then decided to call as soon as possible. There is another important thing to say.

13. Finding your mistake
For wanting to part with you, he strives to find your mistake to be the reason for clash. So long ago your act of pleasing is now a mistake.

14. Not friendly when meeting
Even though you are in front of her eyes while eating together at the restaurant, she is not focused and her eyes glaze toward other men / women around her.

15. Hurry up
When asked about his activities all day, he suddenly caught up in the wind and accused you of killing his life.

16. Do not ignore your groove
The common thing is in love, there is a dispute and a rift. But lately you are left alone to eat alone and no longer persuade you to be a lair.

17. Not contacting you
It’s time to make love first, he’s the one who often calls you. Resolving and not happy to say that if the day does not hear your voice. But now, getting a SMS from him is hard, let alone call. Even if you had to call it first, it would be good if he was willing to answer the call.

18. Confidential / Cheating
When asked about who and where he is going, he will endeavor to avoid responding or worse – lying.

19. The gift is suddenly
Not a lover’s day, not your birthday, and not your anniversary day dating, she’s a surprise gift. Usually called guilt gift. The deck is guilty of cheating, he tries to ‘bribe’ you with a gift so you do not feel suspicious.

20. Eliminate yourself
There was a time when you lost contact with her. SMS no answer and call only the operator who answered. When asked the next day, the reason he celcomed it.

21. Your best friend shows a hint
You and your lover have a close mutual friend and know your love story. Suddenly your friend is behaving strangely and less supportive of your relationship. You need to be more aware of these signals because as a good friend, it’s impossible for her to talk badly about your girlfriend in the face. Have a friend know something about your lover that you do not know.

22. Your instincts
Believe in your instincts. Your heart will be confident if your affair is an affair even though your sense of logic is trying to deny it. Does not love itself come from the heart?

Do not be too straight forward and assume that your lover has never cheated, yet avoid being quick to make judgments and conclusions.

If he has the signs mentioned above, you can guess that there is something wrong with your relationship. So do something.

Endeavor. Do not fast and act according to your lust. The jealousy and the horror thought to be merely will only retard your relationship. Investigate, search for facts, and positively identify yourself before you meet with him.

For Women: 20 Tips to Make Men Fall In Love With You

Men are very simple but full of ego. Many women think men only focus on women’s appearance. Actually it is wrong! Beauty is not the factor that makes the man fall in love with a woman.

For your knowledge, if a man is interested in a woman, that woman is not necessarily beautiful. Enough with courtesy and courtesy. Beauty is just a bonus for men. Even men can love women who have a lot in common with them either in terms of thinking or interest because many can be talked about or shared.

How to get the man love you love?

The way women get the attention of men or with the easier words for men this is different than the way men get attention from women because this man is sometimes slowly noticing the hint the woman gives.

So, you can make 20 tips below as one of your ways to tackle him

# 1 Do not Show Your Depression To Get Him In

As stated above, this man has a very high ego. And they will increase ego if any woman tries to impress her. They will boast and degrade your dignity before her friends.

Men rarely value something easily available. For them, the more difficult and difficult to get what they want, the stronger the feeling for them to get their property right. Try to be a simpler person

# 2 Keep Your Appearance

Everyone knows the appearance is very important for a woman. Through your appearance only, men can make an interpretation of your behavior and behavior.

Before you go to work or go to class, shake a little before and do not get too thick. Just wearing a foundation, mascara and a little lipstick. Then wear beautiful and then take care of manners. It’s not beautiful if the face of the lake, wear the clothes of the lakes, was so strangled in front of the crowd. Later stock will fall. Looks like gojes look cool.

# 3 Demonstrate Cautious Attitudes to Slaves

Men are more likely to be attracted to girls who have love and affection for the boys. For them, loving women to boys are actually a good mother for their children.

# 4 Give Them He Tastes Your Cuisine
What do you say take some time to cook and give him the feel of your hand. For your knowledge, men prefer to eat the wife’s meals when they are married instead of eating outdoors.

You can research with her friends about her favorite foods. So, from there, you can learn something new about her favorite foods and also learn to cook a new recipe. Or you can give her a taste of your favorite food to her. How do you know your taste? So from there, you’ve got 1 point in the man’s heart.

# 5 Do not Be Overcrowded

You are not his wife. You are still friends with him. You may be jealous when you see him coming out with another woman, but do not forbid him to come out with another woman. Maybe they are out of business and not personal affairs.

Even you are married, you can not control her. This guy is quick to find out if there is a woman trying to stave off and blocking every thing she likes and likes.

# 6 Give a Charming Eye Lizard

Women are truly endowed with beautiful eyes. It’s just that sometimes this guy does not notice. Try tonight by wearing mascara, eyeshadow and eye-ruler to highlight beautiful eyes.

And try to look at his eyes every time he speaks. People say, from the eyes to the heart.

# 7 Keep Your Speech Before Him

Although this guy looks ferocious and tough in front of his friends, but in their hearts there is a garden. Men do not like women who are rude and scolding. Be gentle and polite. Then can be the last Malay girl!

# 8 Be Somebody That Can Be Trusted

Men are more likely to share their problems and secrets to women. If he tells you all the secrets and problems he faces, that means he trusts you. And in fact, it’s hard for this guy to share the problem with others because of the ego. So, do not waste the trust that he gave you. Be a listener for him! Men will be happy if all the secrets they are told are safe with you.

# 9 Give Support to His Interests

Sometimes men have a strange interest. Interesting train, computer. What’s the best thing you do not know? But, do not try to block or occasionally try to resist his interest. Try occasionally providing support to their interests.

# 10 Honor Parents

Do not know what is wrong, this nature of the oriental is increasingly difficult to see among young women today. The polite manners meant to include greetings and kissing parents’ hands, bowing down while walking in front of guests, good at bringing themselves and wins hands in the kitchen without being told. But, let’s be ‘natural’ and not made up for it

# 11 Give A Charming Smile

A sweet lady smile makes the heart of the heart shudder. Due to the gentle, beautiful and sweet nature of the women, their smile is indeed very charming. Men easily fall in love after seeing a woman’s smile.

When opposing the eyes, try to cast the most charming smile. They will be stuck and bothered for a moment. Their hearts will feel like a bust! Do not believe? Try it!

# 12 Show Your Wisdom / Pros

The wise woman is a sexy woman! Sometimes it is not necessary for you to wear tight-fitting clothes to reveal here or study high until the master level. For men, women who know the work they are doing, are aware of the current issues, are wise to solve problems and have mature minds are very tempting.

# 13 Tease Him
Use the benefits you have. Men are actually very fluid in women. Use the style of your body language and your assets – your captivating and grim smile to attract her!

# 14 Invite Him to Conduct Mutual Activities

At leisure, try to invite her to drink together or maybe to work together. You both get to know more closely. Maybe you know a bit of a secret accidentally.

# 15 Send Your Feeling  On The Man

Sometimes this guy is slowly feeling or embarrassed to approach a woman. They are just like us; do not want to love clapping one hand. It is not wrong if we as women give a little hint or signal that we are also interested in it.

In fact, the term search for a bucket is not applicable to today’s time. The ratio shows a man equal to 4 women. So, if you’re late, you’ll miss it.

# 16 Show ‘Slumber’ and Relaxation Attitude

Be as normal as you are with your friends. Do not show too much shock or control over the person.

# 17 Childish

Men love women who are spontaneous and childish but not excessive. That’s his name! Euwww sana. Euww here. You do not even have to cry until you’re crying. Usually women will be spoiled when they have the word ‘oloooo’ or ‘alaaa’. Then make your face wrinkle. Not even make bloated cheeks. Ala like you always do. Must be destroyed the heart of the mighty man. You are always welcome to your lips.

# 18 Be Gentle and Feminine

Women are made different from men where men are stronger and more abusive. And she was created to equip the gentleman with gentleness, intensity and femininity. It is like a ying-yang concept or fire-water which both are opposite but require one another.

# 19 Hold On to Religion

While it is the duty of men to become leaders and mentors in their families, women should also prepare themselves for religious knowledge.

Women who adhere to religion will keep the boundaries in every treatment. When married, the man will be confident of leaving his or her home (for work or other reasons) because they know that religious holds will take care of this woman.

# 20 Be Your Own Self

Finally, be yourself. No need to imitate any artist or your friends around. If everyone is in the same mood, what else can be seen? Be assured of yourself.

For example, many women do not even notice that in them there are blur-blur properties. When you’re talking to your partner you must be blurred. Blur it’s what makes you sweeeeet very! But do not over blur. So, just be yourself ok 🙂

7 Reasons for Men Rejecting Women’s Invitation For Marriage

The dream of a woman in her life is to marry a man he loves because of God and to be the best wife and mother for her husband and children. After their dream come true, they feel their life perfect. No words and utterances can describe how happy they are to cook for their loved ones, washing clothes and treating husbands and children.

And in religion it promotes marriage between men and women in order to prevent the occurrence of immorality.

‘Marry you, because the marriage can avoid selfishness and dishonor.’

Know that the man is really when a woman invites you to marry, this shows that the woman is confident that you can lead and guide them and live with bitter sweet life together.

But why does this man not understand the dream and will of the woman? When he was married, various 1001 reasons were given. That’s it, here it is. Something different! So it makes women feel nauseous and sick of the reasons given.

But Why Men Exclude Women Call For Marriage?

Why this happens? Is there really a guy who does not want to marry her? Or does the man think the woman is just like her game?

Let’s see what popular reasons are often used by men when women invite them to marry:

7 Popular Reasons Used Men To Reject Women For Marriage

1) I’m Still Not Ready To Marry
Often men use this reason. He said he was still not ready to take on big responsibilities as a husband and father. If their own mind is set to “I’m not ready to get married”, then at any time they will not be willing.

2) I Got No Money
This reason is also very popular among men when the woman asks when she wants to enter and marry her. He said cost of dowry now is expensive and no savings are enough.

How much would it be enough if the man himself did not try to save money and often spent money elsewhere. Especially for those who have a hobby that involves a high cost such as motoring. Buy spare-parts that are, modified engine trucks and more.

3) Your Family does not Like Me
Oh, why do not you guys try not to stir the heart of the woman’s family? While the man had just met her family and it was only for a while at dinner. Or is it just another reason made by the man to avoid marrying her?

Should the man try to impress the woman’s family as the man tries to seduce and seduce the woman during the first acquaintance. Started with greetings, little jokes and sweet words. Would not that make the family next to the woman easy to accept you?

4) I Want to Take My Idea and Dreams First
He said many more dreams and aspirations that he wanted to harness. He said he wanted to buy a dream car, a big house and had a great salary before getting married to the woman. But, if it is viewed in terms of style of thought and effort, it does not directly reflect the wishes of the man mentioned earlier.

Perhaps the man does not know the truth when they are married, they will become more burning to achieve their dreams and dreams because of the love affection of their beloved wife.

5) I’ve been betting
Is it okay for the man to love and miss you all this time if the man himself does not want to insist on defending your love of both? She is a man! He should have to show that he is also able to choose his own way of life.

It is true that we can not disobey our parents. But, here’s where anyone wants to get married?

6) I Was Living Free Again
Many married people say to a single person to not get married first. The reason? Because when it’s time to get married, the man is not free whether walking or going to where they want to go or doing the activity they prefer. Actually this is the worst reason! They do not appreciate the true beauty of a marriage.

The fact is actually marriage is that makes a sense of freedom feel wonderful. For example, go home in the village. Perhaps you’ve been back home alone with the day-to-day festivals, but after getting married, a loved one accompanies the silence of the man all the way back to the village.

7) I’m Afraid of Marriage Built on Broken
It is not recognized that some men are afraid to marry because of the fear that their building is destroyed in the middle of the road. It’s a nightmare for them to lose loved ones. And they feel comfortable enough even with the title ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’.

Perhaps they also have a dark perception of marriage when they see their parents’ marriages erected and destroyed as they were small and their lives became increasingly difficult later. But it can be changed if the guy always thinks positively and tries to understand the complicated woman’s heart. It is not sweet in marriage if it is not so much to be spoiled. There are some couples who have been able to get a child and have a child.

This woman is sometimes not complicated if the man can read their hearts content from their face reactions and behavior.

O men, do not be afraid to get married because the wedding is actually the opening of your fortune and the door of your happiness. Do not be easy to say and give excuses because if you really love and love your women, you should be as close to marriage as you are. Would not you be afraid if he was being implicated by others before you?