22 Signs of Cheating Spouse

1. Change of behavior / interest
She is not always friendly and spoiled with you as before. Inside the phone, she even kept silent. During dating, she is less sensitive to what you are talking about and always checking her cell phone. Or he shows interest in something that does not fit his or her own hobbies, for example suddenly he likes to watch the ball, or the interest in rock metal music. There may be other people who influence him.

2. Give reasons
When you call it, he tries to shorten the shortest possible conversation; The mother called in the kitchen or father to help wash the car. If you’re invited out, it’s fun to quibble with busy reasons or multiple assignments to fix.

3. Avoiding eye sight
When you are with you, he likes to lower his face from looking at your eyes. This is because they want to avoid shattering because people say ‘The eyes are the mirror of the soul’

 4. Always with his cellphone
Hatta if with you even if he still SMS non-stop. When you want to check out his phone, he does not. Privacy he said. Hah, there must be a shrimp hidden behind a rock!

5. Anxiety is uncertain
She was busy looking at the watch as if something more important. Too often you get bothered by the unusual behavior like worms. Or even if the phone rang, he immediately ran the child to the toilet to answer it. Not quite clear?

6. Decline
You take him out at the weekend but he does not want to. Take a movie for the reason why the movie is not the best. If he wants to eat, he still refuses. This is because he does not want to be indebted to you – that will soon be abandoned.

7. Raising a small problem
She often complains of a trivial problem like wearing a shirt that is not her favorite color or other ordinary things that sometimes makes no sense.

8. Less pronouncing love words
If ever, every message you inserted with words of love and poetry misses, now no more. Words and questions from you are also welcome indifferently

9. Misleading calls another nickname
All this time, you and your lover are talking about ‘papa-mama’. But this time she often called you to call ‘baby’ or ‘baby’. Perhaps he is accustomed to calling someone by that name until your special nickname can be exchanged.

10. Do not appreciate your gift
Your gift of warmth of love that once became the most valuable treasure is now only given to her sister and friend or to be thrown away. You also notice that the couple rings are rarely embedded on the ring finger.

11. Responding to call / SMS indifferent
Your phone conversation with her becomes a tedious communication because she likes to keep silent and rarely sucks. Your short message messages are just a word or just ‘K’.

12. Answer a call in a whisper
How many times did you call him but only this time he answered the call. Unfortunately the voice of her a little anxious and whispered and then decided to call as soon as possible. There is another important thing to say.

13. Finding your mistake
For wanting to part with you, he strives to find your mistake to be the reason for clash. So long ago your act of pleasing is now a mistake.

14. Not friendly when meeting
Even though you are in front of her eyes while eating together at the restaurant, she is not focused and her eyes glaze toward other men / women around her.

15. Hurry up
When asked about his activities all day, he suddenly caught up in the wind and accused you of killing his life.

16. Do not ignore your groove
The common thing is in love, there is a dispute and a rift. But lately you are left alone to eat alone and no longer persuade you to be a lair.

17. Not contacting you
It’s time to make love first, he’s the one who often calls you. Resolving and not happy to say that if the day does not hear your voice. But now, getting a SMS from him is hard, let alone call. Even if you had to call it first, it would be good if he was willing to answer the call.

18. Confidential / Cheating
When asked about who and where he is going, he will endeavor to avoid responding or worse – lying.

19. The gift is suddenly
Not a lover’s day, not your birthday, and not your anniversary day dating, she’s a surprise gift. Usually called guilt gift. The deck is guilty of cheating, he tries to ‘bribe’ you with a gift so you do not feel suspicious.

20. Eliminate yourself
There was a time when you lost contact with her. SMS no answer and call only the operator who answered. When asked the next day, the reason he celcomed it.

21. Your best friend shows a hint
You and your lover have a close mutual friend and know your love story. Suddenly your friend is behaving strangely and less supportive of your relationship. You need to be more aware of these signals because as a good friend, it’s impossible for her to talk badly about your girlfriend in the face. Have a friend know something about your lover that you do not know.

22. Your instincts
Believe in your instincts. Your heart will be confident if your affair is an affair even though your sense of logic is trying to deny it. Does not love itself come from the heart?

Do not be too straight forward and assume that your lover has never cheated, yet avoid being quick to make judgments and conclusions.

If he has the signs mentioned above, you can guess that there is something wrong with your relationship. So do something.

Endeavor. Do not fast and act according to your lust. The jealousy and the horror thought to be merely will only retard your relationship. Investigate, search for facts, and positively identify yourself before you meet with him.

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