For Women: 20 Tips to Make Men Fall In Love With You

Men are very simple but full of ego. Many women think men only focus on women’s appearance. Actually it is wrong! Beauty is not the factor that makes the man fall in love with a woman.

For your knowledge, if a man is interested in a woman, that woman is not necessarily beautiful. Enough with courtesy and courtesy. Beauty is just a bonus for men. Even men can love women who have a lot in common with them either in terms of thinking or interest because many can be talked about or shared.

How to get the man love you love?

The way women get the attention of men or with the easier words for men this is different than the way men get attention from women because this man is sometimes slowly noticing the hint the woman gives.

So, you can make 20 tips below as one of your ways to tackle him

# 1 Do not Show Your Depression To Get Him In

As stated above, this man has a very high ego. And they will increase ego if any woman tries to impress her. They will boast and degrade your dignity before her friends.

Men rarely value something easily available. For them, the more difficult and difficult to get what they want, the stronger the feeling for them to get their property right. Try to be a simpler person

# 2 Keep Your Appearance

Everyone knows the appearance is very important for a woman. Through your appearance only, men can make an interpretation of your behavior and behavior.

Before you go to work or go to class, shake a little before and do not get too thick. Just wearing a foundation, mascara and a little lipstick. Then wear beautiful and then take care of manners. It’s not beautiful if the face of the lake, wear the clothes of the lakes, was so strangled in front of the crowd. Later stock will fall. Looks like gojes look cool.

# 3 Demonstrate Cautious Attitudes to Slaves

Men are more likely to be attracted to girls who have love and affection for the boys. For them, loving women to boys are actually a good mother for their children.

# 4 Give Them He Tastes Your Cuisine
What do you say take some time to cook and give him the feel of your hand. For your knowledge, men prefer to eat the wife’s meals when they are married instead of eating outdoors.

You can research with her friends about her favorite foods. So, from there, you can learn something new about her favorite foods and also learn to cook a new recipe. Or you can give her a taste of your favorite food to her. How do you know your taste? So from there, you’ve got 1 point in the man’s heart.

# 5 Do not Be Overcrowded

You are not his wife. You are still friends with him. You may be jealous when you see him coming out with another woman, but do not forbid him to come out with another woman. Maybe they are out of business and not personal affairs.

Even you are married, you can not control her. This guy is quick to find out if there is a woman trying to stave off and blocking every thing she likes and likes.

# 6 Give a Charming Eye Lizard

Women are truly endowed with beautiful eyes. It’s just that sometimes this guy does not notice. Try tonight by wearing mascara, eyeshadow and eye-ruler to highlight beautiful eyes.

And try to look at his eyes every time he speaks. People say, from the eyes to the heart.

# 7 Keep Your Speech Before Him

Although this guy looks ferocious and tough in front of his friends, but in their hearts there is a garden. Men do not like women who are rude and scolding. Be gentle and polite. Then can be the last Malay girl!

# 8 Be Somebody That Can Be Trusted

Men are more likely to share their problems and secrets to women. If he tells you all the secrets and problems he faces, that means he trusts you. And in fact, it’s hard for this guy to share the problem with others because of the ego. So, do not waste the trust that he gave you. Be a listener for him! Men will be happy if all the secrets they are told are safe with you.

# 9 Give Support to His Interests

Sometimes men have a strange interest. Interesting train, computer. What’s the best thing you do not know? But, do not try to block or occasionally try to resist his interest. Try occasionally providing support to their interests.

# 10 Honor Parents

Do not know what is wrong, this nature of the oriental is increasingly difficult to see among young women today. The polite manners meant to include greetings and kissing parents’ hands, bowing down while walking in front of guests, good at bringing themselves and wins hands in the kitchen without being told. But, let’s be ‘natural’ and not made up for it

# 11 Give A Charming Smile

A sweet lady smile makes the heart of the heart shudder. Due to the gentle, beautiful and sweet nature of the women, their smile is indeed very charming. Men easily fall in love after seeing a woman’s smile.

When opposing the eyes, try to cast the most charming smile. They will be stuck and bothered for a moment. Their hearts will feel like a bust! Do not believe? Try it!

# 12 Show Your Wisdom / Pros

The wise woman is a sexy woman! Sometimes it is not necessary for you to wear tight-fitting clothes to reveal here or study high until the master level. For men, women who know the work they are doing, are aware of the current issues, are wise to solve problems and have mature minds are very tempting.

# 13 Tease Him
Use the benefits you have. Men are actually very fluid in women. Use the style of your body language and your assets – your captivating and grim smile to attract her!

# 14 Invite Him to Conduct Mutual Activities

At leisure, try to invite her to drink together or maybe to work together. You both get to know more closely. Maybe you know a bit of a secret accidentally.

# 15 Send Your Feeling  On The Man

Sometimes this guy is slowly feeling or embarrassed to approach a woman. They are just like us; do not want to love clapping one hand. It is not wrong if we as women give a little hint or signal that we are also interested in it.

In fact, the term search for a bucket is not applicable to today’s time. The ratio shows a man equal to 4 women. So, if you’re late, you’ll miss it.

# 16 Show ‘Slumber’ and Relaxation Attitude

Be as normal as you are with your friends. Do not show too much shock or control over the person.

# 17 Childish

Men love women who are spontaneous and childish but not excessive. That’s his name! Euwww sana. Euww here. You do not even have to cry until you’re crying. Usually women will be spoiled when they have the word ‘oloooo’ or ‘alaaa’. Then make your face wrinkle. Not even make bloated cheeks. Ala like you always do. Must be destroyed the heart of the mighty man. You are always welcome to your lips.

# 18 Be Gentle and Feminine

Women are made different from men where men are stronger and more abusive. And she was created to equip the gentleman with gentleness, intensity and femininity. It is like a ying-yang concept or fire-water which both are opposite but require one another.

# 19 Hold On to Religion

While it is the duty of men to become leaders and mentors in their families, women should also prepare themselves for religious knowledge.

Women who adhere to religion will keep the boundaries in every treatment. When married, the man will be confident of leaving his or her home (for work or other reasons) because they know that religious holds will take care of this woman.

# 20 Be Your Own Self

Finally, be yourself. No need to imitate any artist or your friends around. If everyone is in the same mood, what else can be seen? Be assured of yourself.

For example, many women do not even notice that in them there are blur-blur properties. When you’re talking to your partner you must be blurred. Blur it’s what makes you sweeeeet very! But do not over blur. So, just be yourself ok 🙂

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