20 Primary Error Educating Children

Children are the greatest gifts and gifts ever in a household. With the presence of the children, the household will be cheerful and happy. All parents dream of their children who are courteous, honest, believing and kind.

Actually, the children are all born so sacred, it’s like a white cloth from any impurities. His mother plays a role in shaping and shaping it to be a successful human being in the afterlife or not.

Therefore, let us be together as a mother in mind of the 20 Main Mistakes in Educating Children that we may often do without knowing that our children grow up and become excellent, healthy and well-being.

# 1 There is a communication gap between parents and children.

# 2 Not fulfilling the promise made to children.

# 3 Often complains to the children.

# 4 Does not emphasize religious education for children.

# 5 Not firmly on children.

# 6 Do not spend time together to chat / interact with children.

# 7 Always show a negative attitude towards children.

# 8 Not interested in the questions / concerns that play in the minds of children.

# 9 Knocking out and throwing abusive words when criticizing the mistakes of children.

# 10 Not trying to diversify dishes for children’s meals.

# 11 Loves to be humiliated, bluffing, angry so it raises fears to children.

# 12 Lack of love for children.

# 13 Communication with children does not use correct language and medium.

# 14 Does not support and show interest in children’s activities.

# 15 Likes to children if they make mistakes.

# 16 Parents do not guide children towards goodness and those who obey the Shari’a.

# 17 Do not appreciate the work and success of children.

# 18 Not paying attention to the thoughts and ideas of children.

# 19 Never spend time with kids because they are busy with their career.

# 20 Love to argue in front of children.

Many parents overlook the things mentioned above and some consider it a trivial matter. Believe that the children will follow every parent they do because parents are an example of their parents.

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