How to Become a Preferred Male Masculine

How to become a masculine man is actually not as difficult as you imagine and to be a masculine man favored by a woman should not have a large muscle or sixpac body. Despite having a hard body often makes men feel confident but this does not mean you’re a masculine man in the eyes of women because, for most women that men who are too muscular are less attractive.

Well the question is, how’s the way to become masculine men loved by women? well than you are curious and wonder in the heart then please read more below.

1. Believe in Self and Honest
The first thing you have to have in order to be a masculine man in the eyes of a woman is to have a sense of self-confidence and honesty. This self-esteem and honesty is very important and should be owned by men because this is what will be a plus for you. Women will be crazy and think you are a real man if you have that.

2. Have a Feeling Humor
Women tend to prefer humorous men than muscular men. According to them the man who has a good sense of humor is an ideal man figure because it can make their days always cheerful. But note that, however, you should also know the limits

3. Stupid
Which woman does not want to be close to the fragrant man? Well, then, if you want to look masculine in the eyes of women then do not be lazy to clean the body, let alone lazy bath. Use perfumes or deodorants before leaving the house to make your body fresh and fresher throughout the day

4. Sports
There is no need to go to fitness places to exercise, especially to increase the muscles of the hands or to form the stomach into sixpack for the sake of masculine look. Just exercise at home at least 1 hour a day so that the body remains prime and not drowning. Women should love to see men and women who are always very good and fresh although their muscles are not too big.

5. Appearance
Then hereafter is notice the appearance. Try to always look tidy and unobtrusive when going home. A neat and clean man is certainly more attractive to a woman

6. Polite and Respect
Then next to being a masculine man favored by a woman then you should also have respect and respect for everyone, especially in women. This will make your masculinity increasingly in the eyes of the woman and make them spotted and crazy to you.

7. Have a Purpose of Life
Masculine men in the eyes of women are not those who are slang and go to parties every night but for women, masculine men are men who have a purpose of life. This type of gentleman would certainly make women consider you as an ideal and more mature couple.

8. Good Listener
Furthermore, if you want to be regarded as masculine men by women then eliminate the selfish nature and start being a good listener. By being a good listener will certainly make the women feel comfortable talking or venturing to you.

9. Got a Hobby
Do you have a hobby? not just about sports but also other hobbies. A man who has a positive hoby and engages him in earnest is often more attractive to women. Well, then if you want to look masuli in the eyes of women then try to pursue a hobby that you really like.

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