50 Facts About Men Who Need Women to Know!

1. Actually men are not looking for a beautiful woman, who is looking for a cool woman who sees her and fascinates. Therefore, he always asks you to dress up. Not because he’s a basket, but they want you to look fascinate.

2. Men hate the betrayal. Although they are selfish, loud, and strong, but they are weak creatures.

3. At this moment he likes you, moments later, he forgets and is even fun with his friends. It is reasonable, but it does not mean you have never been in her heart.

4. If he says “Yes, I did not understand you,” that means that he or she thinks you and you are different. It does not mean they can not be united, but try each other to understand each other.

5. In a day, he will be busy playing and undergoing his activities with his friends. But believe me, when he’s ready to sleep, you’re always in his mind. And believe me, they like their own smiles as you imagine how beautiful you are today.

6. “What are you doing?” Or “Do not eat yet?” Is the most often spoken sentence of a man when on the phone. They are not a clever creature, but they really want to know all the things about you.

7. If a man really loves you, he will accept you as it is. No matter you are fat, black or acne. They may advise you on a diet when you feel fat, but they sincerely love you.

8. Men are very crazy when looking at your smile. So do not keep the sour face in your face, smile and make him more fascinated.

9. Men will do everything to draw your attention. Including telling the story of his former lover, though sometimes it does not have to be told to you.

10. Men do not like if you talk about your ex-girlfriend. Although sometimes he loves the story of his ex-girlfriend, but he is very jealous if he hears the story of your ex-girlfriend.

11. If a man wants to meet your parents, do not hesitate and be ashamed. He’s serious with you !.

12. Men want to always share things with you, but sometimes they can not express all things well. For that, do not force himself to tell me if he is not ready to tell you.

13. Occasionally, men also cry. All infants, men and women cry, and adult men also have sad feelings, when they are upset and sad, they can even cry like you. Give hugs and support to her, as you have for her.

14. Do not try to make angry men, because they are angry creatures of God.

15. Men are simple creatures, they are not the typical ones who are always hopeful and hopeful.

16. Men will try to get the hearts of the women who decide them, before they end up trying to forget them. This is what makes them fail to call you after parting, and then finally give up as you give a negative response.

17. When you make a man fall in love, forever he will never forget it. For that reason, men are weaker and harder to forget than women.

18. Never say to him, “Mmhh …… is a joke” because this will make him wonder and even suspect you. Like women, they are also sensitive and curious creatures.

19. The man can never sleep, if you slowly rub his back. And caressing his head softly. Believe me, if you do this to your sweetheart, then it will continue to miss you.

20. Men always have a way to praise you (read: appeal to you).

21. If men are in doubt and seem to think when you express their opinions or ask them to do something, they do not want to do it. Most men will lie and do what they do not want to do for the woman she loves. But believe me, they are suffering and feeling very confronted.

22. If you say no, that’s in the mind of a man is “I’ll try again”. Do you still remember when he asked you to be his beloved first?

23. You can never make a man understand in a single chat. They are intelligent beings, but it is hard for them to understand you. That’s how men call women as hard-to-understand beings.

24. Men hate gay! It does not mean discrimination or evil, but sometimes they do not even think, why one can like one another.

25. Men love their mother very much.

26. Men will save some money just to buy a small gift for you later.

27. Men often think about women who might like them, but they do not mean they like that woman.

28. You can never understand the man, unless you prepare the time to hear their complaining and not just tell you about yourself.

29. If a man really says you are the only one he loves, believe me, his words are sincere from the heart.

30. Not just gossip women, men also gossip together with their friends.

31. Woman, is the weakness of every man. They will not be able to see the tears falling off your eyes. They also do not like to see you grieve.

32. Unlike women, men are more honest and open about themselves. They are more accepting deficiencies and accepting what they are.

33. It can make men curious about you, but if they hang too long, they can be bored and bored.

34. Believe it or not, man is a fair and good jury.

35. Sometimes they appear cheek, but basically men like cleanliness, scent, and beauty.

36. Men prefer to women who value themselves as they are.

37. Men love a woman who can be a friend, as well as a lover for her.

38. If there is a man who talks about the problem, you just listen to it. Do not give advice or blame yourself.

39. If a man likes you, look further into his eyes. The eyes are the windows of the heart, and he never deceives.

40. Men always have a way to avoid you from other men. One of them refused to take a walk to the shopping mall.

41. Men prefer smart women, compared to women who only know about makeup and mini skirts.

42. Men are always smart people, they are ashamed to ask women what they want. As a result, most of their guesses often miss.

43. When men want something, they will imagine it. But they do not want to be involved too much. They are more likely to indulge in their desires if they know that desire is difficult to realize.

44. Men are crippled creatures in secret. They can hardly keep a secret.

45. Sometimes, men are too much negative thinking than positive.

46. ​​Men’s fantasy about women is the only fantasy that can not be limited. Even though they already have a couple and a family.

47. Body height may not be an issue that is too important for men, but they care enough about the weight of women in particular, including you.

48. If men are serious about their relationship, then they will become super-active creatures. This is why he always tries to pick up and send you, and always checks the inbox message in your phone.

49. If you know how to conquer your man, they will never be far from you.

50. For men, forgetting someone takes longer than a lifetime.

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