Dear Young Mommy and Daddy, Want Your Child Smart and Lovingly? Hug Them Everyday!

As a parent, of course, the activity of hugging and kissing children at all times is a fun thing and you will do with joy. If many still think that hugging and kissing children is just a spontaneous activity expressing affection, maybe you will be amazed because despite the toughness of the trivial, the benefits are so many, you know!

Hugs and kisses in children may increase the number of hormone production of oxytocin and endorphins that provide great benefits to children’s physical and mental growth and development. Well, this time┬áMojezeh will present the benefits of what children will get and often kissed and kissed their parents. Check it out!

1. Hugging and kissing a child will help the child’s body release more oxytocin and endorphine hormones, it is important to relax the tense nerve and lower the blood pressure

As the child’s body produces more oxytocin and endorphine hormones, its nerves will relax and blood pressure will decline to a stable level. This can help the child become more calm and comfortable.

2. The oxytocin hormone released when the child is hugged and kissed helps the child grow better because the hormone can trigger growth stimulation

Oxytocin hormones can help children grow and develop better. That’s why premature children are usually advised to be more embraced by kangaroo techniques. In addition to stabilizing body temperature and improving immunity, yes because scientific studies have proven that when the oxytocin hormone is released, growth hormones such as insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-1) and nerve growth factor (NGF)

3. Hugging and kissing children also help improve the body’s immune system so that the child grows healthier and rarely ill

Oxytocin hormones also play a role in strengthening the body’s immune system so that the child can grow healthier and stronger. This hormone also helps lower plasma levels of thyroid hormones that can help heal the wound faster. Extraordinary!

4. Not just an affectionate, embraced and kissing expression helps your child’s brain develop smarter!

Want the brain to grow more intelligent and have a high IQ? Frequently hugging and kissing the child because the oxytocin hormone released when the child is hugged and kissed can trigger the development of cells and the cell’s connection to the brain. The more connected cell connections, the more intelligent the brain of the child. Children need a variety of sensory stimulation in order to grow better and physical contact such as hugs and kisses are one of the most important stimuli that children need.

5. Hugging and kissing children help overcome tantrum problems and lower stress levels in children

If you think embracing a child who is raging and tantrums will give you the impression of supporting her attitude, then you should know that it is wrong! Hugging and calming the child with a loving response will calm the child. A loving hug will trigger the release of oxytocin hormones that lower the levels of stress hormones and anxiety. This is a kind of brakes for the emotion of a child who is exploding. First take care of the child, just then teach that rampage will not solve the problem.

6. Overflowing love with more expressive through hugs and kisses make children grow more optimistic and confident

Overwhelming children with hugs and kisses of affection have been clinically proven to help children grow into more optimistic and self-confident personalities. This will certainly be of benefit to future children. Optimistic and believing children tend to have social interaction and academic achievement better than the ones who are minder and always pessimistic, right?

7. Want the child to have a calmer, loving and caring person as he grows up? Hold on often, embrace and kiss the child

Want to create a generation of loving, sensitive to social issues and more calm? Hail your child with a sincere expression of love! Hugging and kissing a child will create a sense of security and comfort for the child, making him also express something similar to the people around him. The child will also learn how to care and to share love with one another, a clear attitude that it is necessary for future generations to succeed!

Common, father and mother start hugging and kissing children more often when the child wakes up and when he or she will sleep at night so that the child can grow and develop more optimally and happily! A healthy and happy child certainly has a greater chance of becoming a successful child in the future. Agree?

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