Is It Really A Man Can Only Love a Woman Only in His Life?

In the life dictionary of every human being, various versions of love have been passed. There is love first, childhood love, school love or ‘love monkey’, love of a friend, love of the location, and a thousand one more love term that has ever been experienced or at least heard. Among the love stories, there must be a series of love that left the former deeper than other love …

Here’s what Abang Teruna wants to cling to this post. A very difficult and alien love theory to describe but really happens among us.

Why am I more geared towards male lovers here?

Let’s put it into a break-up situation. A man after the end of his relationship with a girl will pass through the cooling period of the period in which the man will experience a change of attitude, depression, gregarious and tempered behavior. And this phase will go on for a long time, especially if the separation is due to its own mistreatment or not by its willingness.

Unlike women, when clashes, the woman will mourn and grieve for just a few weeks. After dry tears, he will return like his original (or more stout) and is likely to find a replacement as a healer of old wounds.

Like to be reminded here, I’m not fond of or generalize women with the theory of ‘love drugs is love’, while men do not. Not that I mean.

The man in his post-love even had a new boyfriend in lieu of love, the man was still reminiscent of the sweet love of the past and still kept the space for his long-love in a corner of his heart. In contrast to women, they are more likely to compare the advantages of their new lover with old lover, and will always be biased by ‘winning’ new lover. It means a chance to win his old hero is a bit thinner

True, in today’s teenage trends, it is impossible for men to have some ‘skandals’, but it is impossible for the man to love them all with the same capacity. Later the man would have to surrender to one of the most special among the women. Sorry if you are one of the women who had been strangled by the man as I mentioned earlier, I’m afraid you are not the one for him.

In addition, there are some arguments that support the theory of men loving a lifelong woman. According to human behavior expert studies, states that men are more likely than women to place a high sentimental value on something they possess. The intention to sell the first car, wearing jeans and shabby shoes that have not been replenished, rotten pillows, valued antiques and old collections, are among the evidence that men can be categorized as loyal creatures basically. It’s just time and free environment and today’s modernization that sees the nature of this man.

In conclusion, it is lucky that any woman whose name has been carved into the heart of a man like this. No reply is required, it is quite a memory of what the man has to sacrifice to admire the uncertain love. Sometimes love is cruel. Although how big and sincere it is to love that one queen, loving does not necessarily have …

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