The Implied Purposes Of Prizes From Couples

WATCH – Signs remember every single day and time.
RING – A lasting bond of love.
BRACELET – Tanda mesra.
NECKLACE – The bond of love that needs attention.
FRIENDLY – Always caring / concerned.
GARMENT / FABRICS – May the love last and last always.
UMBRELLA – Sign of love and always want to protect.
FRAGRANCE – Sign of love.
BROUGHT THE PICTURES – Always miss and do not want to be apart.
BOOKS – Be open and tolerant.
FLOWER – Introducing sign and love sign.
CHOCOLATE – sweet of your love.
SONG / CD / CARD SPEAK – Capture love and memories
HANDPHONE – It’s a sign that you do not run away from me !!!! I’ll look for you anywhere (unless it’s closed).
But the most rewarding price for each couple is ….

PURPOSE – Remember him serious and really seriously love you!

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