Mojezeh.co is a blog that offers you work and articles related to love-love motivation, love tips, love stories, love affairs, masculine, feminine, marriage and more.

In our day-to-day life, we can not run away from love. Love is a priceless affection. Love to God, love to prophet, love to mother father, love to partner, love to religion and also love to homeland.

Destination Establishment Mojezeh.co
The purpose of origin of mojezeh.co is to help people who have love problems. If the feeling is buried in the heart for a long time, it will give a negative impact to the individual. And most of them have no place to be found in the hearts of the buried. So, we are here to provide opinions and together to find a solution to the problem.

You may bring all your heart to us not just about love problems but lessons, friends or what you do not dare to lend to others. You may trust us. All your informations like your name and email will not be exposed to the crowd. But our focus remains more on love.

In addition, mojezeh.co also wants to give knowledge about love to warm again your relationship of love and so you do not repeat repeated mistakes of your past so that may cause you to lose your loved ones.

Your Creative Working Place!
After reaching an agreement, our side has opened up opportunities for writers out there who have talents or those who want to share their own stories / experiences through the work of writing. You may contact us if you are interested to deliver your writing to us for publishing on mojezeh.co blog.